-Replace the bladder and laces in/on a football.

-Restore antique leather footballs, football helmets, and baseball gloves (Contact me for pricing)

-Condition and prep the leather of a new football (Contact me for pricing)

-Re-lacing baseball gloves(Contact me for pricing)

-Footballs for sale

-Replace the air valve in basketballs, soccer balls, and volleyballs that no longer hold air (Contact me for pricing)

2 Autograph Footballs
5 Nike Footballs
Autograph Football
Coach Sed

I replace the defective bladder and the old laces and insert a new bladder and laces. I repair every football by hand. I ensure the the new bladder is working properly before I ship the football(s) back to you.

Antique Leather Helmet Restored
1934 football – bladder and laces replaced, leather restored.

Before and after of restored and repaired 1950’s catcher’s mitt

“Coach Sed worth the $$$! Sent 10 earlier this year.”

Coach Bill Nelson, Head FB Coach Jamestown HS North Dakota, 2021 North Dakota State Champions

“Thank you Coach! Great turn around and service. Will definitely be in touch in the future”

Coach Vinny Cajano, JR, Private QB Coach and QB Coach Erasmus HALL HS Brooklyn, NY 2021 NYC Champions

“Coach Sed provided fast service and great quality repair. From the new bladder and laces to the leather conditioning, Coach Sed does it all!”

Patrick Darcy, client in

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