2 thoughts on “5 footballs repaired on 4/3/2022 for a highly rated high school kicker/punter in Florida. If you or someone you know needs this service, contact me.

  1. My son has 2-3 footballs that no longer will hold air. What is the cost for you to repair?

    Thanks Garrett


    1. Garrett , I charge $20 per ball plus shipping (if you wish, I will deflate the balls after repairing them to decrease shipping cost). I replace the old bladder and laces with a new bladder and laces. Send them to me at:
      David Sedmak 15308 E Hidden Springs Trail. Fountain Hills, AZ 85268. When I finish the footballs, I will send an invoice that will include shipping (UPS Ground). I can be paid by check, Venmo (@David-Sedmak) or PayPal (@DavidSedmak). If the school is going to pay and they need a W9, I can provide that. Turn around time depends on the number and size of the orders I am dealing with at the time, as well as availability of bladders, which sometimes is a temporary issue due to the supply chain problems across the country. You can ship them to me by any method you choose. I have repaired over 600 footballs and I guarantee my service.


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